2015-07-28 Opening Ceremony2015-07-28 Pool Game 1 USA Stars vs Santiago2015-07-28 Pool Game 2 USA Stars vs Bayaguana2015-07-29 Pool Game 3 USA Stars vs Barahona2015-07-29 Pool Game 4 USA Stars vs S Nacional2015-07-31 Dominican Village Clinic2015-07-30 Pool Game 5 USA Stars vs USA Stripes2015-07-31 USA Stars Semi Final2015-07-31 USA Stars vs. Nacional Finals2015-07-30 Be Live Beach Time2015-07-29 Three Eyes2015-07-29 Old Town Santo DomingoAIST Pre Trip Press Photos2015-08-01 AIST Party and Awards2015-08-01 Catamaran and Saona Island2015-08-02 Last Day Dominican2015-08-03 Day 1 New York2015-08-04 Day 2 New York