Jill's love for creating one-of-a-kind images for both seniors, families and athletes continues after the girls graduated and moved on. She realized how important photography was, not only to her, but to everyone else, making the desire to capture achievements or memories has never been more important.

Jill knows how lucky she is that her hobby she loves has been recognized and has turned into a successful career. Jill has won several photography contests and has lost a few too, but this gives her a great way to gauge what her peers are saying and how she might improve. She never stops learning and she is always there to help others by sharing her knowledge with fellow photographers and students.


Jill, still webmaster, continues to capture the moments of her children's teams and starts taking photos for area seniors. Jill also established working relationships with area schools to provide custom team photos and banners. Both girls love for photography began and they started shooting and Jill teamed up with Mikayla to offer an additional eye and second shooter.


Working as a graphic designer and a free lance photographer didn't feed the 'math' side of Jill's brain and she went back to school and received an Associate's Degree in Information Technology. After a short time working for a publisher, Jill landed her current position as the Webmaster for a local University.


Jill went back to work, full time as a graphic artist for a beer distributor. It felt good to be back in the thick of things but photography still had my heart. Spending nights and weekends photographing family and friends everywhere, from the ball field to the living room to parks in the area.

1994 – 2008

Jill years as a graphic designer paid off and I was able to work at home while my daughters were young. Throughout these 14 years, I garnered numerous awards for graphic design. It was during this time that as the kids grew, so did their love of sports and my desire to capture the moments and that is when I got my first digital camera.

1984 - 1993

After graduation, Jill jumped right into the printing industry. It started with the printing equipment, but it didn't take long for her skills as a designer to be recognized and utilized in the variety of places she worked early in her career.


Those early years, starting in grade school and my love of drawing. Letting my creativity loose lead to a number of wins in local art contests and I was hooked. The love of art, textiles, printing and more were staples through graduation.